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Does a lawyer have to meet certain standards?

A lawyer is a trained professional with years of education, training, and experience in procedural, evidentiary, and substantive legal principles. To be allowed to practice law in the Province of Ontario, one must meet certain professional requirements set by the Law Society of Upper Canada and be called to the Bar in Ontario (i.e. licensed to practice law in this province). This means that as a client you may expect certain level of qualification and skill from any lawyer you choose to represent you. If you think the work is not up to your expected standards you may complain to the Law Society of Upper Canada and the Law Society will investigate your complaint. In addition, all lawyers pay liability insurance.

Lawyers are bound by a duty of confidentiality and certain ethical obligations. They also have obligation to conduct themselves in accordance with the Rules of Professional Conduct set out by the Law Society of Upper Canada. Beware, however, that there are certain things that you should never ask your lawyer to do for you. If you ask your lawyer to do anything illegal or unethical, your lawyer may have to end solicitor-client relationship and ask the Court to be removed from the record as your counsel.

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