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Criminal Law Vocabulary

Peace bond

A peace bond is an official promise made by the accused person to the Court to abide by certain conditions. Sometimes peace bond is offered to the accused by the Crown in exchange for withdrawal of criminal charges. For example, the accused person would promise to the Court to stay away from the complainant and to keep the peace and be of good behaviour for some period of time. Once the accused person entered into the peace bond, the Crown counsel would ask the Court that the criminal charges against the accused be withdrawn. If, at a later stage, the person who is bound by peace bond is alleged to have breached some condition of the peace bond, the police may lay a new charge for failing to comply with peace bond.

By agreeing to sign the peace bond, the accused person does not acknowledge any wrongdoing. However, the accused person agrees that in the circumstances of the case, the alleged complainant has reasonable grounds to fear for his or her safety. By agreeing to sign the peace bond, the accused person is telling the Court that he or she does not wish to have a hearing to determine whether the Court should order that the accused be bound by the conditions of the peace bond.

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