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Canadian Criminal Justice System

Canadian Criminal Justice System

Canadian Criminal Justice System

How does the Canadian Criminal Justice System Work?

The Canadian criminal justice system is based on the old English common law tradition. If you are ...

I have been charged. What happens now?

If the accused person was arrested and not released by the police from the station on an ...

Do I really need a lawyer?

While I would always advise any individual charged with any criminal offence to retain or at the ...

Does a lawyer have to meet certain standards?

A lawyer is a trained professional with years of education, training, and experience in procedural, ...

How do I choose the right lawyer for my case?

In addition to the obvious considerations such as price, office location, special expertise, or ...

How much will it cost to retain a lawyer?

The cost of legal representation would depend on the type of the legal problem you are facing. To ...

What are my legal rights?

Legal Rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms: Section 7 – Life, Liberty and ...

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