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Bail Hearing

Bail (also known as judicial interim release or show cause hearing) is arguably the most important part of any criminal proceeding. During the bail hearing the Court will have to decide whether an accused person should be released out of custody on bail pending determination of the criminal charges.

Bail Hearing

The bail hearing (also known as a ‘judicial interim release hearing’ or a ‘show cause ...

How does the bail hearing work?

Every person charged with a criminal offence is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty. The ...

What is a Surety?

In most cases where accused person was not released on his or her own recognizance from the police ...

Responsibility of a Surety

The surety is responsible for ensuring that the accused person attends for his or her trial. It is ...

Who may be a Surety?

Generally a person proposed as a surety should meet the following requirements: • Be a ...

Can the bail conditions be changed?

The conditions of release set out in the recognizance of bail may be changed with consent from the ...

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